FAQs (this is a bit long but please read through them, they're important and it will answer a lot of questions you might have...and some that you probably don't):

Please know the difference between each Series Events and Membership Levels.

     You can find those descriptions throughout our website.

To be very clear, we are not your traditional restaurant or popup event. We have a storied legacy that is easy to review. Our rules are simple, yet stern, for your enjoyment and everyones safety, there are no exceptions to these standards.

- How do i become a vetted member? it’s fairly simple. DC is a open and known chef and owner. We highly suggest you make yourself a known quantity to him and the organization. Going through our normal application process as well as attending one of our more open “PopUp style or Ronin Consortium” events are a great way to speed up becoming a “Loyalist” level VIP. Doing so gains you additional access to elements of our app as well as placed on the “Resistance Series” invite only list.

- How do i get a membership event slot? What if I can’t get a slot? We can't accommodate everyone (since events are kept purposefully small and intimate, we think you'll enjoy it this way), but we'll try our best. If you don't get a reservation on the week you want, you can attempt to book try for an alternative posted date.

- Menu/ and guest collaborators/chefs? We don't list them. In fact, the menu usually isn't finalized until a few hours before the start of dinner. Follow @dissidentchef and you might get some hints as to what may be served, and in some case’s whom our special guest may be...

- How much food will you get? Dinner will be around 9 courses (pending on how adventurous we’re feeling and what the market and your appetites may bare, in some cases we’ve severed as few as 5 courses and as many as 17, again it just depends on a multitude of factors), You should expect dinner to last around 2.5 - 3 hours. If you have any food allergies, please let us know ahead of time and we'll try to accommodate. If there's something that you really like, please let us know too. If theres something you truly hate and dare tell us, expect that it may be incorporated into an event, we play rough.. Except that...

- How much do events/memberships cost? We ask for a donation that we set for each event based on our use of the highest quality ingredients and we put a lot of time and effort into these dinners, so your donations allow us to continue doing these on a regular basis and to reach new heights of community based dining.

- Do we provide drinks? we are a creating a fully curated experience. Our legal response is yes we provide WATER (the knowledge of interesting compliments to your tasting always manages to find a way, read that how you may). We ask that you simply come with an open mind and an open appetite for adventure.

- Dress code? None. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Want to wear your “grab her by the pussy" tshirt and cap to dinner? Sweats? Shorts? You got it. We don't care. Just don't show up naked, because that's a little weird. And our neighbors will probably call the cops, or take pictures of you and post them on the internet. You don't want either of those things to happen.


A few other important things:

We expect that your informed individuals, but if your just wandering into who we are and what we do, we highly suggest that you google SubCulture Dining and review some of the info or television coverage and articles that have been written about us. Also we always suggest reviewing our legal blah blah blah on our TOS and Privacy documents on the main site or app.

- No shows/cancellations. If you no show/cancel and don't give us advanced notice, we'll take you off the dining list. That means you're no longer welcome to dine with us. This sounds harsh, but a lot of time, effort and money goes into these dinners. When you don't show up, that's food we can't serve and that's a spot or three that could have gone to someone else. If you need to cancel, please do two things: 1) let us know as soon as you need to cancel and we'll try to fill your spot, 2) try and replace the open spots yourself, just let us know who is taking over your reservation. If you leave us hanging, we'll leave you out to dry. There are no refunds. no exceptions. We may from time to time grant you and opportunity to dine with us at a later date, that is our exclusive choice and done on a case by case basis. 

- No attitude and no pretentious BS please. These are small dinner parties and we want this to be exciting and fun, not drab and serious. We pride ourselves on years of exceptional life changing events, your an enormous part of the chemistry that creates that. Again, open hearts, minds and stomaches is a requirement.

- Dinners start at 7:30p. or when double seatings 6:30 and 9:30, if you do not reach our designated coordinates within the scheduled window in your "final instructions email”, you risk the possibility of not being allowed in or simply missing the bus.. if this happens you will loose your opportunity to dine with us again. No exceptions. We’re all adults, you know how to get somewhere, anywhere within a schedule time, ON TIME. not early not late.

- Within 12-24 hours prior to a scheduled event, we’ll email you the “final Instructions” with detailed actions and the starting location for the dinner that evening. This is never to be shared or posted anywhere. 

- We can not clarify this more. Please don't be late. If you're late, you may possibly, more than likely be left without joining the adventure. You’ll be given tools to communicate with us and detailed information on how, when and where to get to us. If you don’t receive the information. Please reach out to us at our email address. reservations@subculturedining.com 

- We don't have a wait staff.  But we have an amazing group of Ronin volunteers that join us to create an amazing event for you. If you’d like to show them gratitude for their efforts, we’ll provide you an electronic way to say thanks. it’s really up to you, but not a necessity. Granted, we take names and notes… 

- Finally and most importantly, PLEASE HAVE FUN! We have a lot of fun doing these dinners and we want you to have fun too.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, ideas, just email me at  dissidentchef@SubCultureDining.com or tweet me at www.twitter.com/dissidentchef 

If you have friends that you think would love to join our dinner party at the SubCulture Dining, invite them to sign up on the mailing list, it takes a village...