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2017 Season



SubCulture Dining  Season 2017

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Since 2005, SubCulture Dining has gone through a couple of evolutions and change. We've traveled from coast-to-coast, entertained, educated and raised questions about what it is to run an underground restaurant and how to truly feed people in the current world order.

Our original story was simple: create a means to an end for our brick and mortar program. With that goal achieved in 2009 and looking back at our long history of operations for the past 12 years, we've come to the realization that over these years we've made real impact both inside and outside our industry and in the lives of those that have crossed our path.

2017 is about embracing who we are at our core and turning the volume to 11 on those attributes that make us the premier Godfather of Underground Restaurants.

Viva l'r(E)volition

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New York Offerings 

We invite you to become a member and experience this culinary r(E)volution with us.

This year’s underground season brings us to a place of atonement, reflection and r(E)volt.

Each has a unique take on who we are, what we believe and where our future lies.

Join us for the journey, be brave, be loud in your actions.

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 "Satisfied, surprised, delighted, puzzled, and WTF? – it’s hard to believe that a meal could make me feel all of this in one sitting."

—Couch Sessions

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 "The Dissident Chef is doing for Dining, what Radiohead is doing for music. I applaud you."

—jennifer J.