Over the past 12+ years, SubCulture Dining has had a unique effect on our lives and the lives of others...


Through our initial mandates and choices of service and creativity we grew a core culture and philosophy of organic growth and the opportunity to touch people’s hearts, souls and minds with the efforts of our work.

For us it has always been about creating great food in a great environment to allow people to have a common life experience that they couldn't normally have in other circumstances. We did this with great intention. It wasn't something that was easily accepted at first, and still today in the new cities we inhabit, we find that people naturally bristle and fight the process that we've worked so hard to cultivate (of course they capitulate). Those of you who have joined us in the past know this delicate balance of trust that we've created. The rules and procedures we have devised and executed over a long evolutionary process are what ultimately make what we do so incredibly unique. As we've always said, open mind, open heart and simply hungry is how we want you. And for years we've been successful at sending you home fed, happy and changed at your core, even if you don't realize it at first (results may vary).

What we've come to learn over the years is that although the food or events we've created have had an important part, the secret sauce has been YOU!

It’s the relationships that have been created and the connections and tangible changes to people’s lives who have crossed our path. In the past 5 years we've been able to hear amazing stories of relationships, marriages, babies, businesses, divorces, friendships and more that truly would not exist if those individuals hadn't come to us. The standards and practices we've created have been emulated by others to achieve their own goals from Underground to Bricks and Mortar experiences.

It's beyond what we could have ever imagined in how we could impact the world in such a positive way. It's part of our Legacy, it's now going to be part of our future.

With this we introduce




We decided to lean as far into what's been a unique impact for us in our reach to continue to create change in the world of dining.

In a world and society that is under extreme duress, alternative facts and a constant adversarial and sometimes hostile environment, it’s time for truth, clarity and open conversation. We're going to curate the table and the conversation in unique spaces that exemplify our history and standards.

This is how it works... it may seem daunting, but it’s fairly simple.

First, you must be a "Vetted Loyalist". To us that means, you've been to at least 1 SCD event in the past that we have the ability to confirm in our system. You may become a "Vetted Loyalist" at one or any of the upcoming events this season, hopefully you'll make yourself known.

Second, you must be in our system and a member of our mailing and app system and opted in for "Resistance". As you become qualified within the app, you'll see the choice option. Toggle it.

Third, We don't and will not accept requests. These events will be curated and a limited series of invites will be sent out. These events will be some of our most intimate in years. You will have 48 hours to confirm your attendance and make your donation. You will be allowed to bring only 1 guest that must be approved as well. Please note that you will not be seated with that guest, so it's important that they have something interesting to bring to the conversation and event. (no wall flowers or simple arm candy!)

Fourth, and most importantly, if you receive an invitation to join us, this is your CHANCE. This is the one and only chance you'll have to join us. If you do make it to one of the "Resistance" events - that's it. You will no longer be eligible for this season. It's a single ticket ride. You will be able to nominate up to 3 individuals for future events.

We're very excited about this series. We know it's much more strict and hands-on than it has been in our past, but we promise, there's something unique here that we want to share with you, and from our past, it may just change the course of your life and certainly ours.

Open, Engaged and Hungry.


Follow us and Support the curation and growth of the new Paradigm of Culinary Youth.