• Brooklyn

Monday June 22nd and Tuesday June 23rd

Two Days of Options

Monday Night 9 courses- 2 seatings 7pm and 930pm Limited Seating

Tuesday Night 4 courses- 2 seatings- 7pm  and 9 pm 

Menu Outline

Smoked Shellfish / Ancho Cherry Tomato Salsa/ Fermented Cornbread crumble 

Shrimp roast / Ancho Beef Fat / Ketchup Peppernota- Japanese Ailoi

Salt & Pepper Grilled Tubers / Shisto Peppers / Nori Corn Pumpkin Crumble 

Cold corn- coffee chaff tea / Pork Fatt  / Cumin Rye Bread

Chile Picadillo / Smoked Almond Fermented Tofu 

California Quail Sweet Corn Gordita / Ramp Kimchi 

Pork Skin Tattertot  / uni / Pickled Jalapeño 

Chicken livers / Charred Cucumber / Lime Creme 

Beet Chile Sorbet


#please note menu is subject to change based on market availability and the chefs whim.