Over the past 12+ years, SCDSF and SCDNYC has continued to evolve in unique and experimental ways.

Our original mandate was to achieve the bricks and mortar restaurant we called "LafitteSF". We achieved that goal through the toughest of seas thanks to many of you, and made a difference in many lives until it's unfortunate and quiet closure.

After a period of introspection, We decided to create something truly special and continue to effect change in the world of dining, cultivate our growing culinary warriors and nurture their growth as chefs, restauranteurs and service to the art of dining.

More than that, we realized that in promoting and giving a great group of talented upcoming chefs and Underground Teams (Ronin) an opportunity to showcase their work, but an important element of giving back to the core beliefs that are near and dear to our hearts.

The consistent mandate for SubCulture Dining has always been r(E)volition of the Dystopian Culinary Trends, and now we take another step forward  in our history of
 "Underground Dominance" with the addition of


 "Ronin Consortium Series"

Follow us and Support the curation and growth of the new Paradigm of Culinary Youth.

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