SubCulture Dining has been an ever evolving movement of Community, Food and experimentation proudly since 2005.

Our mandates for membership, education, experimentaion and entertainment are always evolving. This is what a Culinary r(E)volution is about at its core. Change. Disruption to the ideas of Dystopian Society. Now adventuring to new untouched communities and working towards creating new visceral exchanges of food, sound and thought. We invite you to become a member and experience with us.


We won’t admit to anything, but what some have said of us...

"Ask about SubCulture Dining in San Francisco and the response is usually something like, “I’ve heard of that. What is it?” Formally speaking, it is the rejection of dystopian culinary convention. SubCulture Dining casts off the conventional norms of walking into a restaurant, perusing a menu, and sitting in seclusion while noshing. Picture instead an elegant dining experience where dedicated foodies gather to indulge their palates with exquisite creations from one of America’s finest chefs in a warm-hearted atmosphere brimming with culinary camaraderie. Add savory elements of mystery, suspense and excitement and you have an idea of what SubCulture Dining is all about.
SubCulture dining began in 2005 as an undercurrent. The rEvolution has grown over the years and continues to gather momentum like a tsunami, with The Dissident Chef himself, Russell Jackson, currently appearing on The Next Food Network Star, confidently at the helm. Recent evolutions have expanded the number of seats available at these dinners which, not surprisingly, sell out quickly. For a dazzlingly unique experience, a small number of VIP seats can be procured.
The adventure begins 24 hours before the event. Participants receive very specific instructions. Locations are secret – and patrons are told to be nonchalant in approaching the venues. Additional instructions are included – a passphrase or an ingredient offering are the keys required to unlock the door leading to the wonders of the SubCulture Dining experience."
by Steve Paulovich @Luxetigers